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Colours of Fortune – Discover Your Lucky Colour

colors-of-fortune-01Never underestimate the power of colours. It can bring about liberation and happiness and even change a person’s outlook. Use the principles of Yin and Yang, five elements and Nippon Paint’s extensive range of colours to help you choose the right lucky colour for 2017, to inject positive energy into your life and bring about good fortune.

According to Chinese astrology, each person’s luck can be enhanced by his zodiac lucky colours. In general, the more lucky colours you use, the better luck you will enjoy. Decorating your home with your favourable colours, for example, will help usher in excellent fortune. But what are your propitious colours? That would depend on your zodiac sign, as well as the events that you will have to face in a particular zodiac year.

Nippon Paint Colours of Fortune 2017 helps to add colours into your life and build your dream home, especially for this Year Of The Monkey. Paint to an abundant year of 2017!